MelisHead Instructor
Melis, a born and bred Istanbulli, is the head instructor at Learn to Cook Istanbul and will be leading most of the classes. Whilst working as the head chef of Eton Blue Gourmet, the leading boutique catering company in Istanbul, Melis decided to emphasise traditional Turkish tastes but with modern updates that her clients love. During and after each event she observed how much the foreign guests liked and were interested in typical Turkish flavours and yet how little known Turkish cuisine was outside of Turkey other than kebabs.

Thanks to those experiences and with the encouragement of her clients, Melis decided to open Learn to Cook Istanbul, a Turkish cooking atelier, in order to introduce the unique tastes of her Motherland to inquisitive visitors.

Melis studied history at Boğaziçi University and professional culinary arts at Doors Academy. During her many years of hospitality experience in the private aviation sector, she served diplomats, top businessmen, numerous Ministers and royalty as well as travelling around the world and broadening her gastronomic repertoire. She has previously worked in the kitchens of Zuma Istanbul and Istanbul Modern before establishing her own high-end boutique catering company Eton Blue Gourmet. Melis is also a certified wine expert.

Learn to Cook Istanbul is where Melis’ heart is and most of the inspiration for the dishes taught in the workshop comes from the recipes of her grandmother, Sabiha Eyüboğlu, who studied at the İsmet Paşa Girls Institute and was one of the first chefs with a diploma in the young Turkish Republic.