About Us

Learn to Cook Istanbul is the leading Turkish food and wine workshop in Istanbul. Our goal is to teach everybody interested in Turkish cuisine and beverages some of the iconic dishes of the Turkish kitchen as well as an introduction to Turkish wine and rakı.

Our workshops are mainly one-day masterclasses that are heavily oriented towards guest participation as we hope that you will prepare some of the dishes back at home.

We welcome guests from all around the world and look forward to sharing our food and culture with you at our centrally located custom-made Atelier in the Taksim area of Istanbul.

The Learn to Cook Istanbul Workshop

Sample Dishes

Our Chefs

MelisHead Instructor
Melis, a born and bred Istanbulli, is the head instructor at Learn to Cook Istanbul and will be leading most of the classes.
Duygu is another born and bred Istanbulli chef who specialises in baking and sharp-edge cake decoration. She is also a master of Turkish traditional desserts, cookies/pastries and bread baking.